Using the best modelling, animation and virtual reality programmes available in the market, as well as the hardware which permits us to scan the elements in 3D, any object that can be placed on paper takes on perfect volume with a 3D finish and can be converted into an interactive object with only moving the mouse.
A group of professionals graduates of a masters degree in Animation by Computer from the University of Balears (MA ISCA), one of the best in this field in Europe, who have presented various short at some of the most prestigious competitions in the world of animation.
Our work is centred in the virtual creation of pieces or industrial models that are available in prepared scenarios with lights and background with diverse textures, movements and interactions with other elements, depending on our client's interest. Our activity also extends into the corporate field image with the modelling and animation of the logotype for special presentations, as well as in the multimedia sector with the creation of virtual worlds, interfaces and animations in general for the company, personal or academic ambit.
In the 3D animation department we realize the complete infographic work. This includes the design, the planning and elaborating the sinthetic images or audiovisual computer generated products.