Active Analog (TM) is revolutionary, in a double sense, in the world of analogues. Not only is it a new concept, but also that it's new design converts this component into a small lathing tool with a turning capacity which allows operations which up till now have been out of the reach of the laboratory and the clinic, and with similar results as those of the manufacturer. An analog reproduces a pillar or a transepithelial. The part that is copied is the head and the original screw, but it's inferior part is different, as up till now it only had retentions so that it could not rotate in the plaster and it remained fixed in the model which reproduces the patient's mouth. With Active Analog, one can: model components, reduce pillar diameters, cut part of the pillars, clean transepithelial and plates scarring pillars and cleaning components.
With the Active Analog (TM) the inferior part has the shape of the drill bit for counter-angle and the diameter of the drill bit for the hand held laboratory pieces. Therefore, whichever screwed component can turn at the same velocity as the motor.
The quality of the finishes and the modifications to the pillars that are produced with these tools improve in many instances the maintenance of the components and the prosthesis on the implants. It's multifuncional concept allows them to be re-utilized as an analog or as a conventional replica which, buried in the plaster model, reproduces the position of the implant or the transepithelial.