-Health products require high quality standards

- We can offer better guarantees in R & D to other companies.

-The guide and self-control mechanism in the ISO standard permits correction of possible errors with ease.

-The accumulated experience in management since the beginning allows growth without trauma.

-The guaranteed quality has major value in the market and allows us to consolidate with other companies in better conditions.



This is one of the best kept facets pf the company, not only in the physical infrastructure as well as in the quality manual. The clients be they professionals or companies, must be sure that their projects do not disclosed until they are in the commercialisation phase. For this, the investigations, plans, prototypes, trials at universities or centres, are protected a various security measures. This confidentiality starts with the signing of a document that is a register of the procedures of the quality manual, and continues with the control of the data supplied by the client, be they computer data o material.
Implant Media S.A. develops it's services, principally en the health sector. The products which it manufactures are used generally for the permanent implantation in the human body, or tools which permits the manufacture or installations of said components For this the control of the manufacture of these products are exhaustive. Our company must have the client's confidence and the products, which must leave our factory, have to answer to quality criteria. To guarantee this it is necessary to structure the company around the norm ISO 9001, an important factor in industrial bar turning. Our company, apart from manufacturing, designing and advising on medical products, realizes industrial animations and multimedia to complement the difficult task of explaining and demonstrating.