The creation of company catalogues on paper has been till a few years ago; the only way t presents their products to their clients. However, times have changed, and the CD Rom format has become one of the unquestionable characteristics of quality and adaptation to the times of a company.

The possibility to include a data base with all the specific characteristic of each product, as well as it's price and a direct connection to an e-commerce web page to realize the orders, shows without a doubt, a new form of the market which you can easily adapt to.
In Implant Media S.A., we give you the opportunity to not lag behind in this aspect. A catalogue in physical support, of easy use, in a simple language and attractive to the clients, with one's own icons, photographs, videos and sound band, is the best way to show the modernization of your company is one of the constance of your work.
We also offer the possibility to include a format in web page language html, which would permit a major number of clients, as well as the inclusion of animations in 3D and the virtual worlds.