Since the beginning of our species, one of the symptoms which announced the end of a person{s life was the lose of his teeth. Until recently, humans only had two sets of natural teeth, the temporary infant teeth and the definite adult ones. With implantology, a "third set of dentitions" has arrived. It is the last opportunity to recuperate the roots and pieces lost in a sure and safe way. The principal wish of our company is provide all the tools which technology provides us, so that the uncertainties of the professional and investigators become a reality. With more facilities available to introduce into the market, practical products, which facilitate the work of professional and the well being of the patient, more quickly will it be possible to spread this technique so as to reach the all the population that requires them. In this way, we can not forget the effect that the new teaching techniques by means of the computer treated image. Therefore it is not enough to create new innovative products o simply practical products, the circle does not close until these products have reached in a clear and direct way to the public to which it is directed.
Implant Media aspires to fill the vacuum that occurs from the development of a professional's or scientist's idea o creation of a project, till the product of his investigations is promoted and is placed in the market. In Implant Media we provide the means so that these initial designs or ideas are converted into plans, so that they can be made into prototypes for manufacturing, and evaluate the changes necessary to the product, with the constant collaboration of it's creator with the technicians.

For companies in the medical sector, we offer the possibility to subcontract to us the manufacture of the pieces and components. The industrial animation, teaching and marketing is an attractive product, as the technical know-how specific to Implant Media's market allows easy dialogue between necessities and resultant products. The same occurs with the development of new products or the perfection of existing ones.

The capacity to design and manufacture prototypes at Implant Media allows the client not to divert his machinery manufacturing in series and to concentrate his efforts in the production of his new product. For teaching and investigative institutions, the offer from Implant Media is the visual and educative capacity of multimedia as well as the possibility of the physically post-processing it's investigations to be able to have clinical study and experimental prototypes.

The affirmation is that Implantology is the restorative odontology of the future, not only in our minds but also in that of the most prominent specialists. The birth of this company is precisely the result of many necessities and uncertainties which have occurred during the developing years of implantology.
In a specialized world as it is in Technical Medicine and Surgery, it is the professional who has the knowledge and ideas to develop improvements, which makes Science advance.
The client always decides at which level of compromise he desires to have with the company, be it only a quote, design of plans, model and 3D animation, virtual reality, working prototypes or investigations, manufacturing of the product for commercialisation, design of the product's image, and it's packaging, publicity and marketing, or the sale of the product through the more traditional channels or through our shop in the Internet. The client can realise the different processes of his project in a progressive manner according to his necessities, or totally to ensure a quick introduction in the market.