Implant Media S.A. is situated in the main building of the technological park and occupies a duplex in the same building.

The company's installations follow the strictest bioclimaticos construction criteria. Endorsed by the European pursuit commission of ParcBIT, allowing, among other things, the maintenance of the machinery and materials in the same temperature margin, allowing the department of metrology to make stable measurements of the manufactured components throughout the year.
On the ground floor, we have the industrial installations to realise prototype, R & D and the manufacture in series of products that are to be commercialised.
On the first floor, we have the department of design, creation and industrial 3D animation, the multimedia projects and the administration offices.
The company together with the rest of the companies established in the Park, have at their disposal a modern auditorium with capacity for 140 people, a lecturing hall, a meeting room, allowing the meeting to take place in 8 points of the world simultaneously via the latest Internet technologies.