In the middle of the Mediterranean, the largest island of the Balearic archipelago has a cosmopolitan and rural society which every year receives millions of visitors thanks to it's communication and hotel infrastructures which makes the tourist industry the most important one of the island.

It's protected natural beauty, it's multiple micro climates, la majestic capital with it's medieval constructions and nobles palaces, together with the serenity that characterises of it's people, converts it into the ideal place for creation, precision work and the communication and human relations.

Mallorca is the second residence for thousands of Europeans who desire a benign climate and the light of the Mediterranean, the tranquillity of it's sober villages in the interior of the island, the constant festivals of the modern coastal zones or it's varied and refined gastronomic offer, amongst other things.

The air link with the whole of Europe that joins the continent with the airport of Mallorca, converts it in summer into one of the airports with most traffic in Europe and the most modern and safest one.

The multitude of social sailing berths and the regular departure of passenger ships which cover the route fro the Balearic Islands with the continent in record time (some companies do it in less than 4 hours), allows good communication with the rest of Europe.
Make use of your time, alternating your investigations or projects at Implant Media with your family vacations and you can have the opportunity of visiting Europe through it's good communications and in a flight which lasts a few minutes.