Multicone (TM) is the principal family of the system. It's patented principal component and which gives the family it's name, represents the standard use and vision of Grau System. It's different parts represent distinctive zones of use for the different professionals involved in the process of a treatment on implants. Multicone™ has a complete system of accessories for the more sophisticated solutions or which require secondary prosthetic or angular elements. Among it's accessories we find another of the reinvindications of the patent of this system: the measure of angles of integrated implants placed AMI.
This instrument permits the measurement of the angle that an implant has in respect to another and, in this way, determines whether they can be united without the use of a transepithelial. Multicone ™ on it's own or with it's accessories, depending on the system to which it will adapt, counts with a mechanized cone at it's base of connection to the implant, whose angle is reflected on the AMI element.
Multicone (TM) is the element of union between different professionals of implantology. It can be used for the actual placement of the implant, to take definite impressions, as measurer of the mucous, as a stump for the fixed prosthesis, as transepithelial pillar, as well as for it's many functions, which are detailed in the method of use of the system. All the professionals of the speciality can use the same piece.