What we do?
Implant Media: A perfect mixture between implantology ands it's application to the changing technologies and computer supports.
Implant: implantology, medical R & D, prototypes, CNC lathing.
Media: multimedia, infography, communication, Internet and 3D.
What do we do?
Manufacture in series dental components and implants, prototypes for the medical sector; design plans and do viability studies of your products.
We manufacture Grau System, a revolutionary prostodontic concept for implants destined to be a standard for existing implant systems.
How do we do it?
Using the latest technology in lathing machinery in series and for prototypes.
We design, model, and provide 3D industrial animation and virtual reality.
With certification ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 46001.
Product catalogues in CD-ROMs, Web pages and virtual shops.
With the latest actualisations in 3D programs, virtual reality, compression and vectorization of images and audio, applicable to web pages and cd-roms.
Produce Web pages, company CD-ROMs or promotions.
Where are we??
In the Balearic Park of Innovative Technology (Parc Balear d'Innovacio Tecnológica - ParcBIT)
Why do we do it?
So that you can manufacture your own products.
To give you the possibility to adept their company to the changes in technology.