Easy Bar(TM) is a patented method, rapid and sure to realise removable prosthesis on various yoked implants. The system incorporates into the market the necessary components to make the bars on which are placed the dentures. One does not require large means to realize the union between the implants, as all the components are designed so that they can be inter - cemented. It's form reminds you of a scaring pillar to which one or two lateral holes have been made through which the end of the calibrated Akerman bar can be inserted. It is screwed in a transfixed way from the oclusal of the prosthetic screw of the metric system 1.4. The height is determined by means of the transepithelial of the system or by means of the two converters to the standard transepithelial, which are adapted to each specific implant.
With these two models at our disposal with a height difference of mm, it adjusts perfectly to the patient's mouth. The great advantage to this method is it's ease of use, sureness and ease to work with.
With Easy Bar (TM) we can realize the most common and social treatments on implants with the finish of a sophisticated prosthesis and the mechanized elements of the manufacture, without excessive cost to the patient, as the components and the laboratory work a more economic.