Grau System (TM) is a visual standard and of common use for all professionals who intervene in the rehabilitation of patients with implants, be they clinical, technical or assistants. The novelty is the independence of the system that the clinician has once he has decided to implant. Grau system is conscience of the importance of having the liberty of choice in choosing the implant for surgery of the multiple circumstances that lead to it. What should not influence in this decision or election is the type of prosthetic solutions that the system has to adapt better to the patient's bone.

The primary objective is that it should not be traumatic nor costly to ask for materials to realize a prosthesis on an implant, in that the recently arrived assistant and quickly know which references should be asked for the patient. The second objective is to realise the prosthesis on whatever implant with our components, and that the system of solutions for each case, simple or sophisticated, according to the level that the patient asks.

Grau System is a group of methods, instruments and necessary components to realise prosthesis on an implant, which has occurs from the accumulated experience in the realisation of prostodoncia on many different systems. Grau System is a prostodontic standard on implants, not exclusive to one system. The difference with the conventional systems is the use of the same components for all the integral team of professionals who realise the rehabilitation of a patient. What stands out is the simplicity of use, it's polyvalency, and the solutions bought to each case and to each scope. Grau System brings to this elements of security by it's conception, construction and materials used like titanium for those elements non instrumental.

The offer of Grau System (TM) is to adapt it's international patent to each of the implant brands on the market who ask for it, in this way complementing it's offer with our standard. In this way, we extend your catalogue without R&D costs adapting out designs and solutions to your system, and benefiting of the easy penetration that your product will have.
Grau System is made up of four large families which complement all the necessary techniques and bring new ideas to the methods of conventional work.
This family is made up of all the implant analogues and pillars f the systems to which we have adapted Grau System. Our analogues no longer serve as static replicas but convert into authentic miniature lathes ideal for modification and polishes, opening up new use perspectives unimaginable until now.

This family covers all the instrumental necessities of tightening or torque in the consulting room or in the dental laboratory, being able to use the same instrument in a manual way, with a ratchet or motorized. It has other measurements not usually available in implantology that serve to extract problematic screws.

It is a new teamwork concept, using the same elements. With this pillar and it's accessories, one can realize any prosthesis on implants. It is use in the clinic as an impression pillar and in the laboratory as a prosthetic pillar. This family includes two re - invindications of the international Grau System patent.
It is made up of the necessary components to realise the most simple and basic prosthesis of our speciality, the dentures. The revolutionary work concept makes it more economic, simplifies and makes this treatment safe and sure. The ideal work method is laser soldering, thereby getting quickness and security, as the metals do not mix.