Grau System (TM )includes polyvalent and economic screwdrivers in it's system, as it is thought that they are vital for the success of the screwed elements in implantology. It's usually high price retards the timely replacement of these elements. In Grau System, we think it is a consumable product and as such, it should be treated. System Torque pretends to provide the necessary tools to be able to work with security whichever implant system and it's complements.
Therefore, whichever of the screwdrivers of the system can be used with the instruments of torque control disposable in the market and in the clinics. This quality brings security to the treatments as the corresponding screwdriver tightens the screws. Two types of manual Thompson keys are available, in two diameters of 7 and 9 mm, to be able to provide a more potent manual torque with the larger diameter. The adapter for the ratchet, are available in various forms, with a complement for the odontologist or surgeons needs. One side of the adaptor adjusts perfectly to the normal ratchet, and the other side fits to the screwdriver of the System Torque (TM).
The group of screwdrivers embraces nearly the entire sphere of possible measurements in implantology and allows the disassembly of whatever screw, even if the measurements of it's heads have been deformed. In the more usual measurements, they have been manufactured in two lengths to be able to reach easily into the intercalary.